Hard Chromium plating

Hard Chrome Plating on Shafts, rollers, cylinders and extruders with length of 11 meter and diameter of 1400 mm. (QQ-C-320 & Mil.STD-1501B) coating a variety of different moulds with polished surface. Coating different parts for the marine and military industry in sultry and humid environments. Hard chrome properties: it allows you to build up worn parts with thickness of 3mm in chemical electrolysis style without inflicting physical stress. Creating a very sleek surface like stainless steel on industrial parts and moulds. Having very high resistance to corrosion, rust, and heat up to 1200 degrees Celsius, humidity and chemical environment and very high resistance against erosion due to the low coefficient of friction and high hardness up to 70 HRC. Parts which can get coating and reconstruct: different types of shafts, rollers, cylinders and extruders, industrial moulds, glass rolls, plunger pistons, leather template sheets, MDF templates, Banbury rubber and other components used in the textile industry, petrochemical, oil and gas, food industry, printing industry, aviation, marine, military, PVC and rubber, plastic, steel, cement, construction and mining.

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    Sakht Pooshesh Industrial Company was established in 1990 and now with more than 70 experienced and experienced staff is one of the most capable units of hard cream plating, stonework and engraving in Iran. Among the activities of this company are manufacturing industrial parts, hard cream plating, cadmium plating, masonry, welding, polishing, hard anodizing and bulleting of very large parts
    Address : No. S12, Saba st, Nasir Abad industrial zone, 26th km of Saveh road, Tehran – IRAN


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